Sadly, we have finally conceded and called off our plans to reschedule the Weekend Three events originally planned for our May Festival. 

We were fortunate to successfully stage Weekends One and Two back in the carefree days of May. Ticket sales broke our previous records and the audience showed up in COVIDSafe droves. Thank you to all those who have held onto their tickets in the hope of seeing the Weekend 3 events eventually staged — your support gave us the impetus to keep trying.

We look forward to sharing ideas, wisdom and laughs with you all in 2022.

Please email to advise Viv ( ) if you have queries regarding refunds or donations to the Festival.


Queenscliffe Literary Festival’s

Micro-fiction Writing Competition. A story, in exactly 50 words.

Rules and conditions:

  • Competition opens on 8 April 2021 and closes at 11.59pm 20 May 2021
  • Email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Send in your PENNED entry by attaching either a Word document (.docx) or PDF (.pdf) document to an email (NOT in the body of the email and not an attached image)
  • Do NOT have any identifying information on your entry, judges should not see whose entry is whose
  • On your email, include the following:
    • Name
    • Contact number
    • Age section that you are entering (under 18 years or 18–110 years)
  • PENNED entries should be a story (*hint* it is well accepted that stories have a beginning, middle and end)
  • PENNED entries should be 50 words exactly or will not be considered (contractions are acceptable, incorrect and creative hyphen usage is not. Refer to Macquarie Dictionary if in doubt).
  • Entrants’ emails will be added to the Queenscliffe Literary Festival’s subscription list so entrants may be contacted (you may unsubscribe easily later, but we’d love for you to stay)
  • All 2021 entrants will also go into a draw for 2 tickets to 2 events at the 2022 Queenscliffe Literary Festival 
  • Entries may be used by QLF in their social media, website, and print media
  • Your micro-fiction piece does not have to have a title
  • If your piece has a title, it is not included in the 50-word limit


  • One winner, as judged by our QLF judges, from each age section will receive a book pack 

  • One winner, as judged by popular vote (likes / heart symbol) on Facebook, from each age section will receive a book pack